Commuting by Bike

Getting to UCI

Commuting by bike is effective and fun! UCI Transportation offers many services which support our bike commuters by maintaining bikeways, installing innovative bike infrastructure, and offering bike safety classes to new commuters. With dozens of connecting bikeways and lanes, commuting by bike is simple and convenient.

Gear for your Commute

Smart Cycling - On Bike
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Commuters should wear a properly fitting helmet when riding. Some riders may also opt for protective eye-wear.


Always wear hi-vis or reflective clothing when riding. Some riders may prefer to bring a change of clothes for when they arrive at campus.


Add bike lights and reflectors to increase visibility when riding at night

Bike Racks on Buses

Travel further, bring your bike! Both OCTA Buses and Anteater Express shuttles are bike friendly and have a bike rack on the front of every bus.

Load your bike:

  • Remove water bottles, pumps, and other loose items.
  • Alert the coach operator you will be using the bike rack.
  • Load from the curbside!
  • Fit your bike into the slots and raise the support arm to secure your bike.

Unload your bike:

  • Alert the coach operator you will be unloading your bike.
  • From the curbside, lower the support arm and lift your bike out of the rack.
  • Fold up the rack if no one will be using it.


For more information on using bus bike racks, visit the OCTA website here.