Biking Infrastructure on Campus


UCI has 20 miles of Class I, II, and III bikeways for traveling to, from, and around campus. These include:

  • Dedicated bike paths
  • Shared use paths
  • Dedicated bike lanes
  • Shared roadways

On restricted access roads, UCI offers cut throughs adjacent to gate arms for convenient bicycle riding on roads with limited vehicular traffic. Be sure to stop and look for traffic.

Biking on E. Peltason

Detection Loops

UCI Transportation has installed bicycle detection loops to improve riding on campus roadways. These loops are located within the pavement and allow your bike to trigger a green light at the intersection. To activate, place your “tires to the wires” or in the center of the bike stencil, and prepare for the signal to change.

2018 Bike Loop Website Sign Ad
Safety and Benefits of Use:
  • Improve your efficiency with bike loops, which enhance safety and traffic flow
  • Stay in your lane as there is no need to press a crossing button or use the crosswalk
  • Make left turns safely by using the left turn lane with other vehicles
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Bike Amenities


Bike Parking


Repair Stands

Bike Parking Center

Located on Inner Ring Road near Engineering Tower, the Bike Parking Center includes:

  • 300 bike parking spaces
  • Storage for 10 skateboards
  • 2 bike repair stands
Repair Stands

Bike repair hubs have been installed by UCI Transportation for campus community use. A dual-head bike pump is also available adjacent to the hub. These repair hubs are strategically installed along bicycle corridors and central bike parking areas for convenient maintenance. UCI Housing has also installed repair stands for your convenience. Basic repairs and maintenance may be performed by cyclists using:

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Small Cone Wrenches

Small Cone Wrenches
Tighten or adjust wheel hubs

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Hex Keys

Hex Keys
Tighten crank bolts, brake levers, shifters, derailleurs, brake cables, shift cables, stems, handlebars, etc.

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Torx

Torx T-25
Tighten bolts that secure disc-brake rotors to wheel hubs

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Screwdrivers

Install accessories, such as lights, reflectors, and belts; adjust components like derailleurs and brakes

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Steel Core Tire Levers

Steel Core Tire Levers
Remove a tight tire; slip this tool under tire bead for leverage

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Dual Head Bike Pump

Dual-Head Bike Pump
Use on both Presta and Schrader valves: inflate tires at least once a week or two; recommended pressure is usually found on tire’s sidewall

Bike Repair Station-Blue_Headset

Headset/Pedal Wrench
Tighten or install handlebars and pedals

Bike Repair Station-01


UCI Transportation develops, purchases, installs, and maintains bicycle infrastructure on campus and provides regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure the safety of campus bicyclists.

Bicycle maintenance includes:

  • Asphalt repair on bikeways
  • New slurry on bikeways
  • Painting sharrows, lanes, & more
  • Installing new bike racks
  • Updating bicycle signage
Hours dedicated each year to maintain bicycle infrastructure