Bicycle Impounding

Impound Overview

Bikes are subject to citation, confiscation and/or impound if they are found to be parked illegally or perceived as abandoned. Owners are subject to fines and any required storage and/or registration fees.

Bicycle Parking Regulations

  • Bicycles may ONLY be parked and locked on designated bike racks.
  • State law prohibits parking bicycles on sidewalks where they obstruct pedestrian traffic.
  • Bicycles may not be parked in buildings, except for assigned residence hall rooms or assigned, departmentally-approved workplaces such as offices or labs.
  • Bikes found blocking disabled access, in stairwells or parked near handrails may be impounded.

Abandoned Bicycles

In order to remove unsightly clutter and make bike racks available for current riders, identifying abandoned bikes has become a priority for your UCI Bike Team Members. Abandoned bikes are usually inoperable, rusted, and/or have missing parts. Typically these bicycles were once used around campus but were left behind when their owners left campus.

Help identify abandoned bikes by emailing the Bicycle Impounds Coordinator.

Impound Process

1) Bikes parked illegally are subject to immediate impound.

2) Bikes parked long term in official bike racks may be perceived as abandoned. To determine whether a bike has truly been abandoned, we tag it with a notice that requests the owner to immediately move the bicycle. If the tagged bicycle is left in the same spot for 72 hours it is placed into storage for 30 days (impounded). This allows ample time for the rightful owner to reclaim her/his property. After 30 days, unclaimed bikes are donated to Helping Hands of ASUCI (UCI's Student Association) or sold to the UCI Community.

Re-Claiming a Confiscated Bike

Call Event Services at (949) 824-2691 or email the Bicycle Impounds Coordinator with a description of the bicycle and our staff will check the database. If your bicycle has been confiscated, you will need to make an appointment to pick it up. You must bring a photo ID, proof of ownership, and a $10 processing fee.

Stolen Bicycles

If you suspect your bicycle has been stolen call the UCI Police Department at (949) 824-5223 and file a report.

If you have questions about an impounded bicycle, please contact the UCI Event Services Office at (949) 824-2691 or email the Bicycle Impounds Coordinator.