Citations and Enforcement

As of April 2, 2007, the UCI Police Department's Bike and Safety Officers (BSO's) are responsible for issuing civil citations to individuals who violate University policies. In addition to issuing citations, this division is available to assist in emergency situations, register bikes, and answer questions.

Please make yourself knowledgeable in the University's policies and California Vehicle Codes to avoid unnecessary fines. The can be found here: Policies and Procedures.

Violations for which citations may be issued include, but are not limited to, the following:

Violation Description Fine Amount
Vehicle Operation in Prohibited Area $20
Reckless / Unsafe Riding $30
Skate Device Prohibited on Campus $30
Motorized Device Used in Prohibited Area $20
Speeding on Bicycle Path $30
Pedestrian Not Obeying Signs or Signals $25
Pedestrian in Bike Lane $25

What to Do if You Get a Citation

The procedure for citation payment or review is as follows. To avoid late penalties, please do one of the following:


1. Pay the Fine Amount

Payment of citation is due within 21 days of citation issuance.

Late fees are assessed on the 22nd day from issuance. Non compliance will also result in the total penalty being placed on your student records or deducted from your paycheck depending on your current affiliation with the University.

To pay by mail, enclose the citation with your personal check, money order, or cashiers check for the amount of penalty indicated on the front of the citation, and mail to:

IRVINE, CA 92697-4525

DO NOT SEND CURRENCY. Make checks payable to "UC REGENTS." Citation may also be paid in person with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover at the UCI Transportation and Distribution Services Office located in the Public Services Building.


2. Complete an Online Safety Training Course

You may have your first citation waived by completing an online safety training course. Safety training courses are only offered to first time violators and must be completed within 21 days of citation issuance. Failure to complete the course within 21 days will result in forfeiture to enroll in the online course.

    • Access the course at the UC Learning Center site at
    • Employees may log in by selecting the “LOGIN” button on the lower right of the window.
    • Students, not employed by the University, must register with the UC Learning Center by completing the Student & Affiliate Access Request Form located at the lower left of the window.  Complete the request form.
      • The Supervisor and Job Code/Position are mandatory fields.
        • For supervisor, click the icon next to Search Supervisor and type “Erika Hennon“.  Once her name is entered, the Department and UCInetID automatically populate.
      • Complete the job code/position code section.
        • Unless you meet one of the criteria for the first three categories, select “All Other Campus Student”. Click “SUBMIT”.
      • Please note: The process will take up to two business days.  If you register Monday through Friday before noon, you should have access by 8 a.m. the following business day.  If you register later than noon, you will have to wait another business day for your access.
    • Once UC Learning Center access has been granted, go to and click “LOGIN”.
    • In the Search box in the upper left type “bicycle safety” into the search bar and click the “GO” button.
    • When the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety information shows, click the “REGISTER” button.  Select the eCourse and then “SUBMIT”.  The class will take a moment to launch and the course is free.

After completing the course you will need to fill out an appeal form and indicate that you have taken the safety training course.


3. Contest the Citation

Citations may be appealed by submitting a written declaration that outlines your reasons for contesting. Requests can be submitted electronically by completing an appeal form online. A written declaration may also be mailed to the address located on the citation. Requests for review must be received within 21 days of issuance date. Failure to respond within 21 days will result in forfeiture to obtain an administrative review.

Correspondence received without name or address will not be reviewed.


Late Fees

Citations not paid within 21 days are subject to a late penalty, which is equal to the original citation amount (total fine not to exceed $50.00).

Example 1: Vehicle Operated in Prohibited Area

$20 Fine + Late Penalty = $40 Total Citation Amount

Example 2: Speeding on Bicycle Path

$30 Fine + Late Penalty = $50 Maximum Citation Amount

Citation Adjudication Officer
(949) 824-5612

Erika Hennon 
Bike Coordinator
(949) 824-5060