UCI Transportation is proud to present BikeUCI Ambassadors, a volunteer program for cyclists to share the joys of riding, learn safe cycling practices, mentor and support new riders, create friendships, and most of all – have fun doing what you enjoy! Becoming an Ambassador is easy - just take a couple of minutes to fill out the sign-up application on our bike website. This is a great opportunity for you to help strengthen our cycling community. We look forward to watching our bike community grow! Please email for any questions about this opportunity.

This program will allow Ambassadors to partake various roles around campus, including becoming a certified bike educator, assisting in Bike Festival activities, handing out safety gear, and more.


“I love to inspire people to be more eco-friendly, and using a bike to commute is an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint! Biking safely and obeying all traffic regulations is very important to me.”

Ella Csuka | Student | Bronze Level

“As a BikeUCI Ambassador, I’m able to inspire people to ride as well as educate and help them see that they are indeed capable of biking. Many people are deterred from biking because they lack familiarity of basic bike safety and the rules of the road, but Ambassadors are here to help!”

Tania Reyes | Alumni | Gold Level

“Biking around Irvine has helped me realize that it's a pretty neat mode of transportation. Bikes are more reliable than we give them credit for, and with the right gear, they can replace a car entirely.”

Vivian Lu | Alumni | Silver Level

“I started biking back when I was in high school. Ever since then, I fell in love with the bike. When I bike, I feel like I am a part of that tradition, and would like to share this honor with as many people as possible. I have extensive knowledge about the mechanics of bicycles and the motivation to help build a stronger biking community.”

Norbert Tsi | Alumni | Platinum Level


Receive an exclusive BikeUCI Ambassador shirt when you sign up! Made out of breathable fabric with reflective detailing, sport Ambassador pride when you ride!


BikeUCI Ambassadors earn points by attending programs, taking Bike League classes, and volunteering at BikeUCI events, which allow them to advance through the rankings eventually becoming a Platinum Ambassador! BikeUCI Ambassadors all begin at the Bronze level in the program.

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Mariko Horie

Joined May 8, 2020

David Thai

Joined May 8, 2020

Juan You

Joined March 3, 2020