Bicycle FAQ and Guidelines

Q: Can I ride my bicycle on campus at all hours of the day?

A: Bicycle riding on campus is not permitted on Ring Mall between 8:30am to 5pm; however, bicycle riding is permitted on the Inner Ring Road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For detailed information, click here [pdf].

Q: How do I get from point A to point B?

A: View the most current pdf version of the UC Irvine bikeways map.

Q: Why should I bike to campus?

A: There are many benefits to biking:

  • Minimal transportation costs
  • Zero stress about where to park
  • Zero parking fees
  • Exercise in transit
  • Dependable & predictable transportation
  • Incentives from Alternative Transportation

Q: Do I have to have to pay extra or have a permit to put my bike on the OCTA bus or campus shuttle?

A: No, there is no cost. Go to the OCTA website to view the video explanation of putting your bike on the bus.

Q: Where can I report a street sweeping request or other bike lane maintenance issues?

A: (949) 824-PARK is the maintenance line to request glass sweeping, brush trimming, and debris removal and to report potholes and pavement repair needs.

Q: Where do I report other types of bike hazards (i.e. dangerous intersections, traffic pinch points, drainage grates, chronic speeding areas, and other hazards requiring more substantial "fixes"?

A: You can request bike route improvements by emailing biking@uci.edu.

Q: Where do I report a car or delivery vehicle parked in the bike lane?

A: Call Event Services at (949) 824-2691.

Q: Why should I register my bike?

A: Besides being required on campus, bike registration has proven very effective in recovering stolen and missing bikes. Bicycle registration can serve as a means of identifying bike owners in the event you lose your keys to your bike lock.

Q: Where do I register my bike?

A: Bicycles can be registered at three locations on UCI's main campus:

  1. Transportation and Distribution Services-located on the second floor of the public services building
  2. Event Services-located in the Student Center Parking Structure
  3. UCI Police Department-located on the first floor of the public services building

Q: Where can I donate a used bike?

A: Call Event Services at (949) 824-2691.

Q: Where can I get an inexpensive used bike?

A: Transportation and Distribution Services sells impounded bicycles at a very low cost to the campus community at the monthly reCycle Bike Fair. Click here for more information.


For more information contact us at biking@uci.edu.