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Biking at UCI

Bicycle Theft Prevention

  • Always lock your bike. Whether you store your bike in a garage, dorm room, apartment, or even if you leave it for "just a minute", use your lock.

  • Use a U-shaped high security lock. Lightweight cable or chain locks no longer provide adequate security in most cases, as they can be easily cut. The best choice is a strong, reliable U-lock. Even better, use both!

  • Use the lock correctly. Position your bike frame and wheels so that you take up as much of the open space within the U-portion of the lock as possible. The tighter the lock up, the harder it is for a thief to insert a pry bar and pry open your lock.

  • Only use designated bike racks. Lock your bike to permanent, anchored bike racks around campus. Avoid theft and impound by using these fixed racks. Never lock to small trees, handrails, posts or chain link fences.

  • Secure your components and accessories, especially those that can be easily removed, like quick release wheels or seats. Security devices are available at bike shops.

If, in spite of these precautions, your bike is stolen on campus, be sure to report it to the UCI Police Department at (949) 824-5223. Call Event Services at (949) 824-2691 to check if your bicycle has been impounded.

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